Members pages are designed for Certified Dignity Serves Facilitators who have completed the Participant Training and the Facilitator Training, roughly 12 hours total of instruction. Facilitators are equipped with a Guidebook that outlines everything needed to facilitate a group and to better apply the principles in a ministry context. The Members area of this website contains supplemental information to further support the Facilitator. It is not a substitute for the Guidebook or the Training.

Dignity Serves is focused on building dignified interdependent relationships - the ideal context for meeting human need. Our primary help in this effort is God, who through his son Jesus Christ is the source and standard of human dignity. He imbues our lives, relationships, communities, and world with meaning and purpose. He gives us all gifts that help us help one another. We serve by giving and receiving in the economy of God's love.

The lessons in Dignity Serves elucidate six key gifts that God gives us all that can be shared in dignified interdependence. Each lesson reveals one of these six gifts and outlines a supporting principle to help apply the lesson in a variety of contexts.

The exercises included in each lesson are a foundational tool for making the principles come alive. The video above helps the Facilitator conduct the exercise well.

Lesson Six:

  • The Promise of Change
  • "People are more important than change" - the principle.
  • PURPOSE - the gift that God gives us that helps understand our role in building dignified interdependence. God is the author of change. He is the source of human dignity. He gives us all a unifying purpose - to love our neighbors as ourselves.