Listen as Lamarr briefly tells his story. He says that the homeless should seek to "become a blessing to others" in order to improve their situation. That's just what he did. After loosing his job, he found himself on the streets of Orlando. His plan became: learn the Word of God, build real friendships, join a church, bless others. Not a bad plan. No one who meets Lamarr forgets him. He has a truly infectious smile. He is relentlessly hopeful and eager to share the love of God. It is a blessing to know him.

There have been many people involved in Lamarr's journey over the last couple of years, helping him and receiving help from him. Friendship. Life. This is a beautiful thing. He mentions a homeless ministry called Compassion Corner which has volunteers from over a dozen churches. Through working with Polis, Lamarr has also been exposed to service opportunities that have inspired him to want to get more involved. He got involved with a church called Rock Orlando and is now enrolled in the Jobs Partnership program. Both of these ministries are also built on partnerships with other organizations and volunteers. It is truly inspiring to see the citizens of our city, with no input of public dollars, invest their time and energy to help others.