Compassion Corner Volunteers

On Saturday November 7th, a team of volunteers from Compassion Corner, a ministry to the homeless in Orlando, went out and served the community side-by-side with people from Summit Church. One group went to the House of Hope and did a landscaping project, another helped paint a house with the Orlando Initiative, and still another did a prayer walk through the Old Cheney community.

The event was truly impactful to the volunteers from the Corner. When we returned to review the day, one of the volunteers said joyfully, "They asked me to come back!" This may sound like a small thing but one of the greatest injustices levied against our friends and neighbors without regular homes is demonstrating by word and deed that we don't need them. Nothing crushes hope more effectively.

The volunteers from the Corner made a difference in the community and got to experience the joy of helping others. Another volunteer said, "It was a good thing we did today." Indeed it was.