Celebrating the Possible

Is it possible for a stadium redevelopment project to truly benefit the urban neighborhood in which it resides? This question is burning in the hearts and minds of residents who live near Orlando Florida’s Citrus Bowl.

In 2013, hundreds of them participated in a survey that assessed their interest in being a part of the next [...]

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Socks for the Sole, Listening for the Soul

By Michael Joe Murphy

Stockings hung by the chimney with care … they're not likely waiting for men, women and children who live on the streets. But gifts of clean, white socks provide comfort and warmth for the tired feet of the homeless who pound the pavement to get to anywhere they need to go.

Thank you, Scott [...]

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Smart Aid: Asking Good Questions When Supporting A Cause

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless
If you know me at all, you will not be surprised that I am consistently tweeting, facebooking, blogging or just talking loudly in public about practices that might seem good on the surface but, when the curtain is pulled back, reveal something other.  This blog post is about that.
If you're anything like [...]

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From Losing Life to Loving It (Watch the video: Niki’s Story)

It has been a joy to get to know Niki over the last couple of years. She is wise and strong. Her story is an awesome example of how we heal by engaging our God-given talents to build others up. The principles taught in Dignity Serves have helped her become a community leader and an [...]

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How is Jesus serving you? (pt2)

Jesus often serves us through other people. And it certainly helps to clue them in as to what we really need. This vulnerability can be scary. Knowing it is He who ultlimately meets our need gives us the confidence to open up, to look for His agents of mercy as it were. While some will [...]

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How is Jesus serving you?

The Bible teaches that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. He showed us the plan of God, taught us the ways of God, and pointed us homeward. He did his work as a servant. Many who follow him, though, lose touch with his servant-ness. We create elaborate worship experiences, study interesting [...]

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I used to be You

Dignity Serves contributor Brian Sullivan tells the story of a woman he came to know while serving at a mission in Orlando. He discovered how the blessings in his life were a painful reminder of loss in her life. This story is in Lesson One of the Dignity Serves curriculum.

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