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I used to be You

Dignity Serves contributor Brian Sullivan tells the story of a woman he came to know while serving at a mission in Orlando. He discovered how the blessings in his life were a painful reminder of loss in her life. This story is in Lesson One of the Dignity Serves curriculum.

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An Atheist’s Three Hour Prayer

Steve signed up for a prayer walk at the church because he thought it was weird. “They are going to walk around and pray…for three hours…three hours? What?” Steve was an atheist. Praying seemed kind of silly in the first place. Praying for three hours while walking around in a group seemed, well, um, like [...]

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Compassion flows from the Corner

On Saturday November 7th, a team of volunteers from Compassion Corner, a ministry to the homeless in Orlando, went out and served the community side-by-side with people from Summit Church. One group went to the House of Hope and did a landscaping project, another helped paint a house with the Orlando Initiative, and still another did a [...]

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