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Recipe for Friendship: A Simple Meal

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA – What happens when you share a meal with someone?

You are equals. Each person brings something to the table.

There’s a danger associated with soup kitchens and “drive-by” ministries that feed the homeless. They can divide us.

I observed something interesting with a friend one day at Retreat from the Street, a ministry of [...]

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Communications Skills: Are You a Good Listener?

By Michael Joe Murphy

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”

That quote from Mother Teresa haunts me.

Yes, I appreciate solitude occasionally. But I fear loneliness. I desperately want to be loved. And there’s not a day that I’m not conscious about living in a lonely world, a lonely city.

Does anyone else [...]

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Summit Super Bowl Party@ 33rd Street Jail

By Bill Behr

Every Sunday night, the team from Summit’s 33rd Street campus has the privilege of spending time in Orange County Jail with the male inmates from the Horizon 4D dorm.

We lead  these men in worship and song, and their lively singing and praise would lift anyone’s heart!  Every Tuesday night, we also lead them through [...]

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Neighborhood Leading with LaDeitra: Determination and Patience

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless

The Community Center at The Palms Trailer Park bustled with life on a recent cool Saturday morning. This was unusual because up until that week, the trailer that housed the Community Center was open only Monday through Friday. This Saturday, the residents came in and out, using the computers, sitting to chat [...]

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A Conversation of Assumptions

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA -- I witnessed a recent conversation as a volunteer with an amazing heart to serve the homeless spoke with a vulnerable man living on the streets.

It all started when the volunteer, Betsy, overheard me talking with Chuck, who lives on the streets of Atlanta. Chuck told me that he wanted to move [...]

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From Losing Life to Loving It (Watch the video: Niki’s Story)

It has been a joy to get to know Niki over the last couple of years. She is wise and strong. Her story is an awesome example of how we heal by engaging our God-given talents to build others up. The principles taught in Dignity Serves have helped her become a community leader and an [...]

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God is REEEAAAALLL, man (Alfredo’s Story)

Alfredo came to Florida a decade ago with the promise of a new job. Promises were broken. People let him down. He messed up. He ended up on the streets of Orlando and has struggled to get off. He has struggled to sober up. He has struggled to trust people. In midst of his struggles, [...]

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How is Jesus serving you? (pt2)

Jesus often serves us through other people. And it certainly helps to clue them in as to what we really need. This vulnerability can be scary. Knowing it is He who ultlimately meets our need gives us the confidence to open up, to look for His agents of mercy as it were. While some will [...]

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How is Jesus serving you?

The Bible teaches that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve. He showed us the plan of God, taught us the ways of God, and pointed us homeward. He did his work as a servant. Many who follow him, though, lose touch with his servant-ness. We create elaborate worship experiences, study interesting [...]

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Lamarr’s Journey – Become a Blessing

Listen as Lamarr briefly tells his story. He says that the homeless should seek to "become a blessing to others" in order to improve their situation. That's just what he did. After loosing his job, he found himself on the streets of Orlando. His plan became: learn the Word of God, build real friendships, join [...]

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