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How Should We Help the Homeless?

This important question has not been answered well, in part, because there are so many facets to homelessness. The truth is, if we are followers of Jesus, then His command to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27) means that we are all called to serve the homeless, because they are our neighbors. They live [...]

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The Wolf That Wasn’t (False Alarms When Helping Others)

I can’t tell you how often I get “urgent” messages. When the messages are delivered via voicemail, they have their own special beep. You have to add the special beep which means the caller took the time to navigate the menu maze and pressed the right button for “This is an emergency.” When the messages [...]

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Learning to need the needy

The Dignity Serves curriculum teaches how to build dignified interdependence and suggests that this is the ideal relational context for meeting human need. It is a challenging ideal to be sure, made so because fostering dependent or self-sufficient individuals is just easier. Problem is the dependent become too needy, the self-sufficient not needy enough. In [...]

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How to help the homeless get off the street

An approach that is proving to be helpful is what we call the "service first" model - inviting the homeless to take part in service projects that benefit others. Several months ago we did just such a project and of the seven who came out to help, six are now off the street. And the [...]

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