Why don’t you think you can be Holy?

By Bill Behr

What does it mean to be “Holy”?  Is being Holy reserved only for clergy in the church and saints?  Do I have a desire to pursue a life of holiness?   Why or why not?

These are questions I asked myself growing up.

Being “Holy” sounds as if I have to lead an almost perfect life [...]

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Why Don’t We Love the Poor?

I was raised in the United States and have always been surrounded by love, a caring family and a Christian faith-filled community.  I had a good education.  Out of college, I found a good job.

My earliest career goal was to accumulate enough wealth so I could live a life of comfort and convenience.  As I [...]

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Toxic Charity

A small group of POLIS partners and friends recently had a Q&A with author and community developer Bob Lupton. He mentioned a new book he is working on called Toxic Charity. At one point he said, "To be a recipient of charity is to sacrifice some human dignity." Sounds bad. Sounds toxic. It’s the kind [...]

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The Wolf That Wasn’t (False Alarms When Helping Others)

I can’t tell you how often I get “urgent” messages. When the messages are delivered via voicemail, they have their own special beep. You have to add the special beep which means the caller took the time to navigate the menu maze and pressed the right button for “This is an emergency.” When the messages [...]

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Learning to need the needy

The Dignity Serves curriculum teaches how to build dignified interdependence and suggests that this is the ideal relational context for meeting human need. It is a challenging ideal to be sure, made so because fostering dependent or self-sufficient individuals is just easier. Problem is the dependent become too needy, the self-sufficient not needy enough. In [...]

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