Are You a ‘Have’ or a ‘Have-Not’?

By Bill Behr
The story of Anders Breivik is very sad. The mass murderer admitted to killing innocent Norwegian men, women and teenagers in a bombing-and-shooting spree in 2011. He was recently sentenced to 21 years in prison.  What brought about this great tragedy?
He justified the 77 deaths, and more than 240 injured, as necessary to [...]

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Theology of Place: Live, Worship, Play Together

By Bill Behr
I recently was honored to hear architectural/urban designer Mel McGowan speak at Summit Church.  McGowan, who describes himself as “a card-carrying member of the Supreme Architect’s fan club,” is the president of Visioneering Studios, the nation's leading designer of Christ-centered communities, specializing in architectural evangelism for churches and ministries.
He is the first architect [...]

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Yeah, But This Is My Space

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – There is a coffee shop in Atlanta that is extremely close to heaven on earth. It is situated beautifully on the Chattahoochee River.
Recently I decided to go there and to do some work. I got up early, and I was the first customer at 8 am. I strategically sat at on [...]

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Yield Your Right of Way, Leave the Rest to God

By Bill Behr
Regi Campbell is an Elder at Andy Stanley’s church in Alpharetta, Ga. (North Point Community Church).  Mr. Campbell’s blog, written specifically for men wanting to grow in their faith with Christ, is a favorite of mine, and his most recent blog, “The Thing vs. the Idea of the Thing,” had one statement that [...]

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Smart Aid: Asking Good Questions When Supporting A Cause

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless
If you know me at all, you will not be surprised that I am consistently tweeting, facebooking, blogging or just talking loudly in public about practices that might seem good on the surface but, when the curtain is pulled back, reveal something other.  This blog post is about that.
If you're anything like [...]

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Everyone Needs to Change Except Me

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA -- I find it much easier to talk about someone else’s brokenness than my own. Perhaps this is why it is so tempting to watch shows like Moury Povich or TMZ. We like to observe the ugliness of others.
Why? It helps us escape ourselves, our own ugliness.
When we avoid self-examination and focus [...]

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Don’t short-circuit God – ask for help

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA – A few years ago, I was going through some very dark periods in my life. I knew I needed help but was not willing to ask for it. I was visiting my home in Pennsylvania for a party, and I ended up sitting next to a friend who is a trained [...]

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Why don’t your neighbors know you?

By Bill Behr

What is a neighbor?  Mr. Webster (the dictionary) says a neighbor is someone who lives (or is located) near another.  The definition of a neighbor as “someone living near me” makes sense.  But is someone “located near me” really my neighbor?  What does “located near me” mean?   Does that mean anyone I meet [...]

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A Conversation of Assumptions

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA -- I witnessed a recent conversation as a volunteer with an amazing heart to serve the homeless spoke with a vulnerable man living on the streets.

It all started when the volunteer, Betsy, overheard me talking with Chuck, who lives on the streets of Atlanta. Chuck told me that he wanted to move [...]

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Light Up The New Year!

By Bill Behr

The start of a New Year is exciting as fireworks light up the night in displays of celebration and hope. The dazzling colors and streaking shapes remind me of the spectacular fireworks I enjoyed as a kid on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve.

I grew up a stone’s throw away from [...]

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