Should You Give Money to Panhandlers? ‘Mouthwash Dave’ Offers Lesson

By Michael Joe Murphy
“Mouthwash Dave” didn’t earn his nickname because he sought to enhance his oral hygiene.
Dave panhandled on the streets of Orlando, politely asking the kindhearted, one at a time, for 25 cents. When he’d collect four quarters, he’d make a beehive to the nearest Dollar Store to buy a big jug of mouthwash.
He [...]

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Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

Asking for help at the last minute is a bit lame but that's just what I did to Dan Crain this past Saturday at the first POLIS Institute ( ABCD training. He graciously helped out - a lot. His help was invaluable. We set up the room for the 17 people who came to the [...]

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