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Should You Give Money to Panhandlers? ‘Mouthwash Dave’ Offers Lesson

By Michael Joe Murphy
“Mouthwash Dave” didn’t earn his nickname because he sought to enhance his oral hygiene.
Dave panhandled on the streets of Orlando, politely asking the kindhearted, one at a time, for 25 cents. When he’d collect four quarters, he’d make a beehive to the nearest Dollar Store to buy a big jug of mouthwash.
He [...]

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Community Life

May not accept it but our physique is weak.
With a soul thats bleak controlled by a mind thats weak.
All in all its the completeness that we seek.
But by ourselves its of completeness that we leak.
May not accept it but our physique is weak.
With a soul thats bleak controlled by a mind thats weak.
All in all [...]

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Socks for the Sole, Listening for the Soul

By Michael Joe Murphy

Stockings hung by the chimney with care … they're not likely waiting for men, women and children who live on the streets. But gifts of clean, white socks provide comfort and warmth for the tired feet of the homeless who pound the pavement to get to anywhere they need to go.

Thank you, Scott [...]

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Johnny Cash Walked the Line on Forgiveness

By Michael Joe Murphy
Forgiveness and redemption compel my thoughts since I read  “House of Cash: The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cash,” by his son, John Carter Cash.
Country music’s greatest outlaw was a man of steadfast faith, hungry for spiritual wisdom throughout his life.
Well-known were his friendship with evangelist Billy Graham, his love for Scriptures, [...]

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God Is An Urban Developer

By Michael Joe Murphy
The vision of Isaiah 65:21, "They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit,” reminds me of my friend Frank.
Frank – not his real name – is so proud of his home. He owns it (well, he’s paying a mortgage).
Frank, a prayerful man, was told [...]

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Homeless Living in Woods Aren’t Invisible to God’s Eyes

By Nancy Blue

My heart for people living without permanent shelter was always instinctual. God’s timing, and my introduction through volunteering, has nurtured my compassion and commitment and taken me from city streets to the woods.

My initial exposure was through IDignity, which helps to provide IDs and other documentation critical to help the poor. Homeless men [...]

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Communications Skills: Are You a Good Listener?

By Michael Joe Murphy

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”

That quote from Mother Teresa haunts me.

Yes, I appreciate solitude occasionally. But I fear loneliness. I desperately want to be loved. And there’s not a day that I’m not conscious about living in a lonely world, a lonely city.

Does anyone else [...]

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Why don’t you think you can be Holy?

By Bill Behr

What does it mean to be “Holy”?  Is being Holy reserved only for clergy in the church and saints?  Do I have a desire to pursue a life of holiness?   Why or why not?

These are questions I asked myself growing up.

Being “Holy” sounds as if I have to lead an almost perfect life [...]

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Why Don’t We Love the Poor?

I was raised in the United States and have always been surrounded by love, a caring family and a Christian faith-filled community.  I had a good education.  Out of college, I found a good job.

My earliest career goal was to accumulate enough wealth so I could live a life of comfort and convenience.  As I [...]

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