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What Feeds Your Soul?

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA – February 1, 2004, was a game-changer. That day, God asked me to step down from ministry.

It was my first ministry experience, and it ended badly. Without delving into details, three pastors resigned from the church. The resignation letters were read from the pulpit that Sunday morning.

I was one of three.

I vividly [...]

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A Trip to the Zoo

By Dan Crain

The evangelical church is waking up to the needs of the poor, and this is a very promising change. Since the early 1900s, during what church historians call the “Great Reversal,” mainline conservative churches have been wary of substantial involvement with the poor, or “getting their hands dirty.”

The Great Reversal was a pivotal [...]

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Looked over

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA – There are many people in our culture who do not have the same opportunities and platforms to speak that others enjoy. Yet God has given goodness and talents to everyone.

I love it when people who often times are  “overlooked” by the world help mold and shape me as a person.

For example, [...]

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A Day In The Life: 2 Worlds in Atlanta

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – I really love what God has called us into. As many of you know, I am a pastor/trainer/neighbor, leading “the church” (people) into living a life of giving and receiving with everyone we interact with. Through joining, listening and living interdependently with residents of an at-risk community, I see the ways [...]

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Needing Others Well

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA -- Scripture is clear: We need to lead honest and vulnerable lives in community, to confess our needs and to bear our burdens together. Yet how do we live out that command without “getting messy”? Or what if we don’t follow His command at all?

As Americans, we like to project an image of [...]

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Saved From the Addiction to Change in People

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – So I have been on this urban ministry journey for about 2½ years now – not long, but time enough to observe interesting things and to experience moments of pure joy, not to mention complete bewilderment and frustration.
I find it  discouraging when people into whose lives I pour myself make bad [...]

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Yeah, But This Is My Space

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – There is a coffee shop in Atlanta that is extremely close to heaven on earth. It is situated beautifully on the Chattahoochee River.
Recently I decided to go there and to do some work. I got up early, and I was the first customer at 8 am. I strategically sat at on [...]

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Everyone Needs to Change Except Me

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA -- I find it much easier to talk about someone else’s brokenness than my own. Perhaps this is why it is so tempting to watch shows like Moury Povich or TMZ. We like to observe the ugliness of others.
Why? It helps us escape ourselves, our own ugliness.
When we avoid self-examination and focus [...]

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The Power of Community: How Daniel Returned Home

By Dan Crain 

ATLANTA – When Daniel left home six years ago, addiction guided his path, and he might as well have walked off the face of the Earth.

His parents’ parting words to him: “Don’t ever come back here.”

He left everything behind: his home, his job and, most important, his kids.  His destination was addiction, bouncing [...]

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Recipe for Friendship: A Simple Meal

By Dan Crain

ATLANTA – What happens when you share a meal with someone?

You are equals. Each person brings something to the table.

There’s a danger associated with soup kitchens and “drive-by” ministries that feed the homeless. They can divide us.

I observed something interesting with a friend one day at Retreat from the Street, a ministry of [...]

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