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Remedy 2: Meet Actual Needs

Six Remedies for Asset-Based Paralysis (second in a series)

In the previous post, I introduced ABP or asset-based paralysis. Practitioners know the phenomena all too well. ABP is experienced when your fear of doing harm stops you from doing anything.

I’ve identified 6 remedies for ABP. The first was “Embrace the Uncertainty.” Our uncertainty might feel [...]

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Smart Aid: Asking Good Questions When Supporting A Cause

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless
If you know me at all, you will not be surprised that I am consistently tweeting, facebooking, blogging or just talking loudly in public about practices that might seem good on the surface but, when the curtain is pulled back, reveal something other.  This blog post is about that.
If you're anything like [...]

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Who Doesn’t Like Barbecue?

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless

Scott and Sammi, residents of The Palms Trailer Park on Orange Blossom Trail, care about their neighborhood.  When asked what they think would make The Palms a better place to live, they said, "A place where friends and family can gather to barbecue, socialize and have kids play safely."

They believe that having [...]

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Neighborhood Leading with LaDeitra: Determination and Patience

By Rebecca Lujan Loveless

The Community Center at The Palms Trailer Park bustled with life on a recent cool Saturday morning. This was unusual because up until that week, the trailer that housed the Community Center was open only Monday through Friday. This Saturday, the residents came in and out, using the computers, sitting to chat [...]

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