We have been teaching Dignity Serves now for roughly two years and recently led the 1000th person through the curriculum. More importantly those who have gone through the study consistently report growing in their faith, becoming more committed to God and asking for help, and report learning how to serve others more effectively. Many people claim that the principles completely reshape their understanding of how to help. Nearly everyone also claims that they would recommend the materials to a friend. This is all good news. It's been a blessing to be involved. I'm looking forward to the next 1000.

I find myself learning something new every time I teach a lesson. People in groups bring many creative insights to the table and stretch my understanding of how best to help others. I am working to incorporate what we've learned from groups. Version Four is nearing completion. The main changes are the removal of some content and the addition of more instruction for leading groups through the exercises.

Here's a picture from the group. Can't decide who exactly is the 1000th person. I'm going to just say it's Russ, the guy in the red shirt. We should give him a prize. The group is from Rock Orlando, a new church and outreach center. They are an awesome group. Look for them to be a part of some amazing stories of transformation.