Remedy 2: Meet Actual Needs

Six Remedies for Asset-Based Paralysis (second in a series)

In the previous post, I introduced ABP or asset-based paralysis. Practitioners know the phenomena all too well. ABP is experienced when your fear of doing harm stops you from doing anything.

I’ve identified 6 remedies for ABP. The first was “Embrace the Uncertainty.” Our uncertainty might feel [...]

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Six Remedies for Asset-Based Paralysis (first in a series)

One of the unintended consequences of Dignity Serves and other resources that promote an asset-based approach to ministry is a deep uncertainty about what to do. You’ve learned that doing things for people can lead to harmful dependencies and that doing things with people can bring about healthy relationships and lasting change. But now what? [...]

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Heroes and Villains

by Phil Hissom

Every non-profit tells a story and in that story there's always a hero and a villain. Sometimes it's explicit and other times it is more subtle but it's there if you listen for it. And you should listen for it because it will tell you a lot about the paradigm in which the [...]

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You Cannot Die Without Dignity

My girlfriend moved in with Chris in the fall of 1999. Chris was dying of cancer. And she decided to live out her days at home. In addition to the nursing care that she was receiving, she wanted the regular company of someone she knew well that could also help her take care of day-to-day [...]

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How the Church’s Charity Became Toxic

The Church's charity became toxic through a fundamental misunderstanding of the world's most famous story about helping others - the "Parable of the Good Samaritan." The prevailing summary of the story recorded in Luke 10:25-37 is “be helpful to people in need, like the Good Samaritan.” While the parable does teach that, this is absolutely [...]

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For Me, It’s Personal

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – God’s story in ours. God is writing a story upon our lives, which ultimately reveals His glory, through our hands, heart and feet, to give hope, love, opportunity and purpose – in other words, dignity.
So I was humbled when a young woman told me, “Thank you so much for sharing about [...]

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Should You Give Money to Panhandlers? ‘Mouthwash Dave’ Offers Lesson

By Michael Joe Murphy
“Mouthwash Dave” didn’t earn his nickname because he sought to enhance his oral hygiene.
Dave panhandled on the streets of Orlando, politely asking the kindhearted, one at a time, for 25 cents. When he’d collect four quarters, he’d make a beehive to the nearest Dollar Store to buy a big jug of mouthwash.
He [...]

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When We Lose Our Capacity to Receive …

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – In 2004 I went through a very bad experience with a church, and for the next few years I struggled through my insecurities about my broken ties with this church. I was an empty person who had found my sense of belonging and acceptance as a pastor. I thought I could [...]

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Celebrating the Possible

Is it possible for a stadium redevelopment project to truly benefit the urban neighborhood in which it resides? This question is burning in the hearts and minds of residents who live near Orlando Florida’s Citrus Bowl.

In 2013, hundreds of them participated in a survey that assessed their interest in being a part of the next [...]

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Sitting With the ‘Other’

By Dan Crain
ATLANTA – My life has been richly blessed by sitting and learning from the “other.”
Who is an “other”? I define it as a person from a different background or culture or race. A person who has a different way of seeing the world, sometimes with priorities that we don’t share.
In some contexts I [...]

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